STATEMENT: The Committee for Private Education Group, Singapore (CPE) requires in its Advertising Code for Private Education Institutions, published on 10 April 2012, that testimonials must be from existing or former students of a school and must not be fictitious or false. Testimonials should be accompanied by the name of the student, a description of how the student is related to a school, and when the testimonial was given. A school must be able to show to the CPE verification of the truthfulness of the testimonials from school records and to substantiate that the testimonials reflect the typical experience of the students. The testimonials below fully conform with these requirements of the CPE.

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The trainers are really helpful.

British Education Centre will back you up all the way in your studies. The trainers are really helpful. Through them, I learnt to be a better teacher. I have gathered an abundance of knowledge during my stay at British Education Centre. Thank you all.

Abigail Chay Singapore – community programme teaching March 2, 2009

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…very inspiring.

This course has rekindled my passion for teaching. It has stretched my creative instincts and abilities. The Head Trainer, Dr. Alan Richardson, has been very inspiring. It has left me in awe of the English language and made me acknowledge why I want to teach English.

Yeo Sam Jay (Sam) Singapore – further study in London March 2, 2009