Congrats to Sandra and Zoey

Dear Sandra & Zoey, The only way to guarantee success in your life is to give everything your best shot, just like how you did to your Diploma in TESOL. Congratulations to both of you! Please keep in touch.


Be an expressive and confident speaker. Learn techniques for correct pronunciation and intonation.

New Class from 17th August 7-9.30pm
Duration: four lessons in four-week term
Fee: $330

Brand New 2018 Dynamic ESL Lab – Practise English for day-to-day activities in a fun and engaging environment

Brand New 2018 Dynamic ESL Lab – Practise English for day-to-day activities in a fun and engaging environment

English, being a global language, is widely used in many aspects of ones’ lives. There are many purposes when it comes to the need to use the English language. It varies from educational needs, employment needs and even personal needs.

Using English effectively could open up opportunities and may even increase one’s social status.

Learn from us so that we could build your confidence and make you achieve communicative competence.

The lessons will be covered in a wide range of essential topics which are useful in developing effective communication. Emphasis is placed on developing listening and speaking skills. Upon completion, the English language learners should be able to demonstrate improved English-language communication skills for participation and success in social, business and academic situations.

On this course, you will:
1. Constantly be engaged in spoken English.
2. Develop confidence in using English naturally.
3. Learn useful phrases for everyday situations.
4. Converse with clarity using pronunciation, intonation, stress patterns.
5. Demonstrate effective word choice, vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure.

For more information, please call us at Tel: (65) 6336 4602 or email us at

Always make time for celebration

Thoughtful gift

Dear  Wee Kiat Ong,

It was very thoughtful of you to bring us this lovely gift. You have no idea how happy we were, after receiving it.

Thank you so much!

BEC Produced The Highest Number Of Graduating Students For LTTC

British Education Centre is pleased to be awarded the certificate of achievement by London Teacher Training College for producing the highest number of graduating students in Singapore and South East Asia.

Dynamics ESL Lab is back!

On this Friday’s lesson we reviewed Supermarket advertising and vocabularies relating to grocery shopping, followed by a tour of the outdoor produce market at Tanjong Pagar area. We then gathered in class and reviewed what we learned in a fun way and had the chance to ask questions for any clarification.
Always practice English for day-to-day activities in a fun and engaging environment ?

Experience the joy of teaching ESL in Bandung

British Education Centre’s students set off this morning to experience teaching English in Bandung, Indonesia. For two days, BEC’s team will provide English lessons to 13 classes (approximately 200 local students) at Sekolah Cerdas Muthahhari.

Starting class by engaging students with fruits…errrrrrr….fruits are not real though!

Bernice, You made it. Congratulations!