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Janice Kwong, Diploma Course in TESOL, 2018, Singapore

August 11, 2018

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My trip to Bandung was a fruitful one.

My trip to Bandung was a fruitful one. Thanks to BEC, Yu Chin and Kennedy for organising this trip for us.

I learned many things about teaching English outside my Tesol classroom.

My team in charge, Janice helped me a lot to "perfect" my lesson plan. My co-teacher, Chairul gave his inputs and feedback too. I saw how teaching aids should be made to make teaching effective. Through the process, I learned more what a good lesson should be. As I delivered the lesson, I learned about the learners' needs and how I should tweak my "perfect" lesson plan to meet their needs. I learned too to think on my feet to emotionally engage the learners to make the lesson interesting for them.

Last but not least the trip was so much fun. There was bonding between the team members as we worked hard and played hard together.

I am so glad and thankful and this is a precious part of my Tesol learning journey.

Anna Tan April 24, 2018

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I have discovered that the employment opportunities when it comes to ESL teaching around the globe is endless

To be honest, ‘Life after TESOL’ was a little slow at first for me, but when an opportunity presented itself, it picked up

really fast. I completed my Diploma in TESOL a few months back, and now I am employed by a leading International Language Campus in Singapore. I did not expect that and I am very grateful for how things have turned out thus far. Well, as the phrase goes “slowly but surely”.

Coming from a background of zero teaching experience, gaining such a valuable opportunity shows that my efforts in the course paid off handsomely. Apart from getting an ESL teaching job, the knowledge and skills gained during the course came in handy when planning lessons and especially, when conducting the lessons.

On top of that, I have discovered that the employment opportunities when it comes to ESL teaching around the globe is endless. Using my current employment as a stepping stone, I am excited at the possibilities of teaching overseas, being full-time employment or volunteering. It always feels good to know that I have the skills to make a difference in people’s lives, and that is what that keeps me going.

My TESOL journey with BEC was a positive one, an eye-opening start, happy times throughout and rewarding at the end. I think the most important thing is always keeping your head up, lots of patience and believing in yourself during the course, and life after it as well. As I move on towards this new path in a career of teaching, I look back knowing that I have made the right decision when I enrolled myself in the course. Most importantly, I am happy now, by simply teaching English.

Mohamed Zulkarnein Bin Mohamed Zainal bidin February 21, 2018

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After graduating I was lucky enough to find work straight away with…

I arrived in Singapore with high hopes of easily finding a job in risk management. After a few weeks of job hunting (exploring and sightseeing), my husband tactfully suggested I should “find something to do.” So I researched TESOL training and discovered a centre only ten minutes away from home: the British Education Centre. I called in and spoke to Yu Chin, did a sit-in class the same evening and enrolled for the course starting the following Monday.

The classes were probably harder work than I’d expected, but fun and very interesting. Head trainer Kennedy gave us all sort of tasks and activities and inspired us all the way. I made some good friends, too.

After graduating I was lucky enough to find work straight away with My English School, who run a number of enrichment centres. While not exactly ESL teaching, it has been fantastic experience and I’ve enjoyed trying out some of the techniques from the course.  I’ve also been doing some private ESL tutoring.

In November-December I’ve been training to be an IELTS teacher, so hopefully I will be able to work with some IELTS students in 2018.

January – March will see me leading the ESL conversational workshops at BEC, which is such an honour! I’m very excited about this; it will be great to be part of the BEC team.

Victoria Gibson December 18, 2017

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Wesley Goh, Diploma Course in TESOL, 2017, Singapore

December 3, 2017

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