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Learn English

Learn English
Learn English

Dynamic ESL Lab

A global language, English is widely used in many aspects of one’s lives. We use English in our daily lives for communication in a myriad of settings, including education, employment, and personal needs.

The lessons will be covered in a wide range of essential topics which are useful in developing effective communication. Emphasis is placed on developing listening and speaking skills.

Learn English

Certificate in English Pronunciation

This short course provides participants with knowledge and skills understanding the sounds of English, and how word stress, rhythm, and intonation contribute to proper pronunciation. Participants will also gain confidence in speaking and listening within the certainty of knowing how spoken English varies between countries, and between geographies and dialect groups within them.

The course will benefit those interested in spoken language, both for personal and professional purposes. Teachers of English will particularly benefit by being on a more confident footing with the spoken language.

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Before committing to courses at British Education Centre, you may choose to sit in. This can help you to make up your mind about joining us. We do not provide sets of course notes or handouts and we ask you to indicate your level of interest at the end of the sit-in. There is no pressure on you to join – just come, enjoy and make your mind up in your own time. To enquire for a sit-in date, please email us or fill up the form above.