Dynamic ESL Lab

Learn English in a fun and engaging environment.
Lessons will be carried out both indoor and outdoor.

ESL Outdoor Lesson
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Dynamic ESL Lab


English, being a global language, is widely used in many aspects of ones’ lives. There are many purposes when it comes to the need to use the English language. It varies from educational needs, employment needs and even personal needs.

Using English effectively could open up opportunities and may even increase one’s social status.

Learn from us so that we could build your confidence and make you achieve communicative competence.

The lessons will be covered in a wide range of essential topics which are useful in developing effective communication. Emphasis is placed on developing listening and speaking skills. Upon completion, the English language learners should be able to demonstrate improved English-language communication skills for participation and success in social, business and academic situations.

On this course, you will:

  1. Constantly be engaged in spoken English.
  2. Develop confidence in using English naturally.
  3. Learn useful phrases for everyday situations.
  4. Converse with clarity using pronunciation, intonation, stress patterns.
  5. Demonstrate effective word choice, vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure.


We aim to enhance your communication skills and target to enable you to achieve communicative competence. In other words, we focus on fluency, help you understand others and at the same time, be understood.

We also aim to build up from your foundation of the language.

By the end of the course, you would have learnt:

  1. Understand the common use of daily phrases and sentences in day-to-day activities.
  2. Proper pronunciation of English words based on the Oxford English Dictionary (OED).
  3. Conversing using the proper stresses and intonation to convey the meanings appropriately.


This is for anyone who has a basic foundation in the English language, able to recognise the English alphabet and able to converse in basic, simple English.


Upon successful completion, the participants receive the:

Certificate of Attendance