Dynamic ESL Lab

Learn English in a fun and engaging environment.
Lessons will be carried out both indoor and outdoor.

ESL Outdoor Lesson

Dynamic ESL Lab


Practice English for day-to-day activities with us, in a fun and engaging environment. The lessons will be covered in a wide range of essential topics which are useful in developing effective communication. Emphasis is placed on developing listening and speaking skills. Upon completion, the English language learners should be able to demonstrate improved English-language communication skills for participation and success in social, business and academic situations.

On this course, you will:

  1. Constantly be engaged in spoken English.
  2. Develop confidence in using English naturally.
  3. Learn useful phrases for everyday situations.
  4. Converse with clarity using pronunciation, intonation, stress patterns.
  5. Demonstrate effective word choice, vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure.


The aim of the Dynamic ESL Lab is to help English language leaners improve their communication skill for social, business and academic situations.

By the end of the term, the students will be able to:


  • Express opinions and ideas in social contexts confidently.
  • Plan and organise a simple presentation on a familiar topic with teacher’s guidance.
  • Ask and respond clearly on a range of topics.
  • Distinguish the stress pattern, rhythm and intonation of English appropriately from student’s own language.
  • Use internationally acceptable pronunciation and grammar structures.


  • Listen for information from a variety of sources.
  • Listen for a sustained period of time during classmates’ presentations.
  • Demonstrate understanding that body language and audio cues (tone, volume) convey meaning.
  •  Take down notes on main ideas and details based on an outline.
  • Understand formal and informal English.
  • Use knowledge of cohesive devices to follow what is being said: connectors to do with time, sequence, contrast, reason, choice, place, condition, cause-and-effect, purpose.


These course is intended for nonnative speakers of English who wish to improve their English communication skills.


Upon successful completion, the participants receive the:

Certificate of Attendance