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We are bonded by a common mission
to enrich lives, fulfil dreams and
impact communities
It all started with a passion to teach.
Teaching & Learning Change Lives!
Make Teaching English Fun Again!
Teaching & Learning Change Lives!
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  • 2017

    April: Since 4th April 2017, British Education Centre (BEC) has collaborated with Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOME) to provide free English lessons to the residents from HOME.

    On the first month of the collaboration, BEC successfully delivered four separate lessons to HOME’s residents, each lasting 2.5 hours. Each lesson comprised of two group-learning sessions followed by small group coaching sessions to eight individual residents from HOME. All the lessons are conducted at BEC’s premises and are delivered by selected BEC’s teacher-to-be students.

    HOME is set up with the mission to protect migrant workers from human trafficking, exploitation and abuse. HOME has provided direct assistance to around 5000 migrants and victims of human trafficking and forced labour each year since 2004.


    March: British Education Centre organised a teaching trip to Bandung for our students to experience teaching ESL to over 200 local students at Sekolah Cerdas Muthahhari and Batera.


  • 2016

    hello-friday-3The Committee for Private Education, Singapore, renewed our licence as a private school with four-year registration status from 19 November 2016 to 18 November 2020.

    BEC launched the Hello Friday project in June 2016. Eleven free ESL lessons were delivered by our TESOL diploma graduates to twelves selected students coming from Vietnam, Myanmar, Russia and Korea. The lessons were carried out in small groups.

    Together with our trainee teachers, BEC provided free English lessons for the participants coming from Fei Yue Services.

  • 2015

    Relocating after five successful years at 44A Club Street, our new premises at nearby 51B Amoy Street opened in early July.


  • 2014

    Our second ASEAN Community Bursary was awarded, covering 100% of course and registration fees for the Diploma in TESOL course. The 2013 Bursary has been awarded to Ms Do Ngoc Tram from Vietnam.

  • 2013

    british-education-centre-tesol-diploma-teach-englishThe contestants on ‘Say the Word’, a pronunciation game show launched on Channel 5 Singapore television for Mediacorp in November, were judged by BEC. Filming took place in August and there was sometimes a fine dividing line between ‘Correct!’ and ‘Incorrect!’ for what was aimed at General British English pronunciation of words. Eight episodes had themes ranging through Business, Medicine, Sport, Fashion, Education, Food and others; contestants were in panels of four; four bloggers, four teachers, four pageant winners, four fitness trainers, four airline cabin attendants…..

    Our first ASEAN Community Bursary was awarded, covering 100% of course and registration fees for the Diploma in TESOL course. The 2013 Bursary was awarded to Ms Tran Thanh Thuy Vinh from Vietnam.

    The year also saw the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Stirling, Scotland.

  • 2012

    We had visits by UK TESOL academic staff of the University of Reading, the University of Central Lancashire and the University of Wales, Newport. We had guest TESOL speakers – Tabitha Liu on teaching in East Africa with the LTTC Diploma in TESOL; Rob Tootell on teaching in Japan, Poland and France

    The Council for Private Education, Singapore renewed our licence as a private school with four-year registration status.

  • 2011

    We became a donor to Child’s Dream for school development in Laos. Child’s Dream is a charitable organisation that helps schools and children in need in the marginalised regions of Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia.

  • 2010

    We initiated free English lessons in Singapore TESOL, aimed at foreign speakers of English. These are teaching practice sessions with an interesting variety of language topics. Not being a course, the attendees never quite know what to expect but the sessions are all the more enjoyable for that! We are pleased to have welcomed attendees from Myanmar, Indonesia, China, Russia, Japan, Korea, India, Argentina and Turkey with foreign domestic workers, homemakers, industry managers and foreign students coming together in these sessions usually held every other Saturday.

  • 2009

    We lowered the course fee for the LTTC Diploma in TESOL preparatory course under a School and Community Programme in response to the economic downturn that grew from 2008 into a recession in Singapore in the first part of 2009, with job and income losses. This fee reduction from S$2650 to S$2000 was for applicants who were retrenched or not retrenched but seeking work at the time.

  • 2008

    lttc-and-becEighteen primary school teachers from Dalian, China attended a series of training workshops delivered by us in August 2008 at the National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore. The workshops covered classroom management, materials and assessment, use of song and rhyme, the ideal language teaching classroom and errors from translation and own-language interference.

    Dr. Phyllis Vannuffel, Principal of London Teacher Training College, visited us in August.


We have free teaching sessions delivered in classroom. The lessons usually take place every other Saturday by our trainee teachers to foreign speakers of English. The trainee teachers are taking their Diploma in TESOL. Come join us and learn free English in the coming session. Be part of the audience, support our new teachers of English giving, perhaps their first lesson. Lessons are always different and fun, with free refreshments. The free English sessions are starting from 1.30pm.

Book a place by email for one or more of these free English sessions or telephone us on 63364602.

We strive to live up to our mission–enrich lives, fulfil dreams and impact communities–by providing free English lessons in a classroom environment to non-native English speakers. The lessons are always delivered in an engaging and interesting manner and in a fun and relax environment. Here is a picture of a group of regular Vietnamese mothers and wives who are enthusiastic about learning English.

Open to nationals of countries where English is not the medium in government schools. So far, we have had foreign speakers of English from China, Korea, Myanmar, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Argentina, Japan, Colombia, Thailand, Nepal, Indonesia…. Please approach us – you may be an international student, a manager in a company, a foreign domestic worker, a homemaker – all are welcome.