Completion of one-month intensive TESOL classroom training

Congratulations to Sandy & Aga for successfully completed their one-month intensive classroom training this week. All the best to their written exams and practicum assessments.

Great lessons – never short of waves of laughter. Thank you for being there. Cheers

Completion of practicum assessments

Congratulations to Ally,Vivian Goi and Junnie Lim for successfully completed their practicum assessments this afternoon. Well done, ladies!

New Graduate: Sharon Ng

Dear Sharon Ng, So happy on your well-deserved success. Congratulations!

New Graduates

Caps off to you, Shermain Ang &  Santakumari Ratnam. Well done, ladies!

Successful completion of one-month intensive classroom training

Congratulations to Elizabeth Ryalls and Crystal Yao for successfully completed their one-month intensive classroom training this morning. All the best to their written exams and practicums.

New modules will be starting from next Monday, cheers!

New Graduates

The key to happiness is having dreams.
The key to success is making them come true.

Congratulations to Julius Teng, Rebecca Akhter Mullick, Sarah Marigomen,  Angela, Daniel and Ivan. Well done!

You delivered a great lesson…

Mikella & Alice Huang, BEC’s trainee teachers, delivering their practicum lessons to 15 foreign speakers of English this afternoon.

BEC’s words to Mikella & Alice: You delivered a great lesson today because of your ability, hard work and determination. Keep it up. Congratulations!

A great afternoon at BEC

It’s been a great afternoon at BEC. Fifteen eager volunteers turned up to join our trainee teachers today.

Heartfelt congratulations to Julius, Roland Koh, Rebecca & Zoey. Best wishes for their continued success.

Successful Practicum

Congratulations to Nidhi Jindal, Yeo Wee Seng, Lance and Sheau Pang for successfully completing their practicum assessments this afternoon. Well done!

Dynamic ESL Lab

Practice English for your Day-to-Day activities!
Best way to learn English is to experience how it is used in the everyday situation.
The first part of the Dynamic ESL course covers 10 lessons. Each lesson will be 2.5 hours. Emphasis is placed on listening and speaking skills and this is done via interesting class activities and interaction.
Throughout the course, students will be exposed to the proper usage of the language in various situation. This include:
1) Learning useful phrases, questions and responses to the everyday common situation.
2) Effective choice of vocabulary and basic grammar structure.
3) Awareness of Intonation and pronunciation and importance of clear communication.
Upon completion, Learners will demonstrate greater confidence in using the language. This communication skill will be valuable for academic purposes, social and business interaction.
Limited places per session. Please call 6336 4602 to register now.