New graduates

Dear AnGelle Lee, Jenny Sim, aidah, Ezanne, May today’s success be the beginning of tomorrow’s achievements. Congratulations! Keep in touch.


Be an expressive and confident speaker. Learn techniques for correct pronunciation and intonation.

New Class from 17th August 7-9.30pm
Duration: four lessons in four-week term
Fee: $330

Happy CNY! New morning session starting today, too

Some of photos from our TESOL class last week

Learning to teach IELTS students more effectively

We are all working hard on a Sunday morning thinking of ways to teach IELTS students in a more effective manner.

New Graduates in Nov 2017

Thank you to our BEC Diploma in TESOL students for all the wonderful memories!
Congratulations to Saldia, Sarah, Aayan, Audrey, Gargi Pant & Nidhi Jindal on your completion of LTTC classroom training! Well done!!!

Language Development Through Social Interaction

The role of the ‘Mother’, in this sense, the prime caregiver is truly crucial when it comes to language development.

Here, we look into how a child has to learn the functions of language through the process of social interaction.

Final Lesson of Module Four

This is the final lesson of Module Four. Good job to Nidhi Jindal, Yvonne Lim, Vanessa Liew, Joan, Christina, Joanna, Zul, Gargi Pant, Geoffrey & Morna,.

Time flies. Congratulations to Zul, Joanna, Yvonne, Joan & Christina successfully completed their classroom training today, all the best to their written exams & practicums. We are going to miss you.

Field Trip to Pulau Ubin on 7th July 2017

Providing Free English Lessons to the Migrant Workers from HOME

Since 4th April 2017, British Education Centre (BEC) has started to collaborate with Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOME) to provide free English lessons to the residents from HOME.

On the first month of the collaboration, BEC successfully delivered four separate lessons to HOME’s residents, each lasting 2.5 hours. Each lesson comprised of two group-learning sessions followed by small group coaching sessions. All the lessons are conducted at BEC’s premises and are delivered by selected BEC’s teacher-to-be students.

HOME is set up with the mission to protect migrant workers from human trafficking, exploitation and abuse. HOME has provided direct assistance to around 5000 migrants and victims of human trafficking and forced labour each year since 2004.

BEC was established in 2007 as a school registered with the Ministry of Education in Singapore, with the mission to enrich lives, fulfils dreams and impact communities.