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We are bonded by a common mission
to enrich lives, fulfil dreams and
impact communities
It all started with a passion to teach.
Teaching & Learning Change Lives!
Make Teaching English Fun Again!
Teaching & Learning Change Lives!
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Message From The Academic Director


British Education Centre was established in 2007 as a school registered with the Ministry of Education, Singapore. Our academic standards are based primarily on the British education system and its national quality standards and we conform with the requirements of the Committee for Private Education Group, Singapore, the government regulatory body for private education institutions.

British Education Centre is registered as a Private Education Institution under the provisions and regulations of the Private Education Act 2009 in Singapore. The current registration period is valid for four years from 19 November 2020 to 18 November 2024. Registration number: 201113170W.

We provide a better experience. We are run by teachers for teachers and for our students. We believe that an overly financial ‘bottom-line’ oriented corporate approach should not unduly dominate a school to the detriment of the academic work. This is a successful approach and illustrates the fact that teachers are also managers and can be well capable of operating schools. We provide high-quality teacher training and related English language training.

Our Academic Board and Examination Board help us to implement and maintain high standards.

We look forward to welcoming you and helping you to develop your future success in study, career and the wider community.

Dr. Alan Richardson
Academic Director


Operations Director: Ms Wu Yu Chin
Academic Director: Dr Alan Richardson

Academic Board: Dr Alan Richardson, Mr Jayaram Menon, Mr James Tan Kum Leong, Mr Chua Weng Foo
Examination Board: Dr Alan Richardson, Mr Jayaram Menon, Ms Wu Yu Chin
Trainers: Mr Kennedy Albar, Ms Alvina Chin, Ms Joan Kho Guek Neo
Marketing and Management Executive: Ms Lynette Yeo, Mr Fakhrur Razi Bin Zulkifli, Ms Nicole Fung, Mr Ng Zhong Han


To enrich lives, fulfil dreams and impact communities.


  • to provide knowledge, skills, a love of scholarship and enquiry, encouragement and inspiration for the best development of our students for their future careers and personal growth;
  • to provide high-quality programmes to meet the needs of our students;
  • to provide an environment that is highly responsive to our students’ needs;
  • to promote high standards of professional and ethical behaviour;
  • to maintain a young, dynamic and international outlook.


A friendly welcome; qualified, experienced and friendly trainers who care deeply about academic quality; professional administration in accordance with best practice…

…and by our Facilities:

  • Fully equipped, on-site teaching facilities at 51B Amoy Street with a modern, attractive design conceptteach-english-to-enrich-lives-fulfil-dreams-impact-communities in a historic building. A 33.9 sqm, 22-student capacity training classroom with computer, LCD projector, video recording facilities, English language student books, workbooks, teachers books and audio CDs at every level from Beginner to Advanced.
  • A lending library:  TESOL and Language: Full range of general English student books; English for Specific Purposes student books, teacher books and audio CDs for teaching English for Tourism, Hospitality & Hotel Management, Business, Healthcare, Customer Service, Law, Banking & Finance, Engineering; English for Young Learners; IELTS; TOEFL; Phonetics & Phonology; Language Teaching Approaches & Methodologies; French, Italian, German, Latin languages; Novels; Verse; Music & Song; Education; Schools Administration Practice.
  • OTHER: For general interest or for assisting in practicum teaching lesson topics – Biographies; Geography; History; Science; Technology; Social Sciences; Psychology; Fashion; Retail; Management; Marketing; Economics; Hospitality & Tourism; Law; Art; Sport; General Interest.
  • Materials and equipment to help our TESOL students to develop their practicum teaching lesson.
  • Good, cool air conditioning, self-contained bathroom, wifi, student sitting area with refreshments including tea, coffee and water.


1. London Teacher Training College

British Education Centre has been a partner school of London Teacher Training College (LTTC) since 6 March 2008 and we are confirmed by LTTC as being the longest running LTTC-approved school in Singapore.

We have trained hundreds of teachers of English through the Diploma in TESOL of the College. London Teacher Training College was established in 1984 and is a UK Register of Learning Provider number 10032730.

2. GABA Corporation, Japan

Gaba Corporation is our partner for recruiting our graduates who are excited about experiencing the fulfilling life of an English teacher in Japan. GABA accept our Diploma in TESOL course as fulfilling their requirements for recommending teachers to Japanese schools.

3. The TESOL College

British Education Centre is an approved training provider of
The TESOL College.