Congratulations to our new graduates

Dear Junko Lawford, Rhea M Degenion, Christopher Morrin and Ann Anbu Arasi,
We are overjoyed with your success. Your hard work has truly paid off. Shine on!

Dynamics ESL Lab is back!

On this Friday’s lesson we reviewed Supermarket advertising and vocabularies relating to grocery shopping, followed by a tour of the outdoor produce market at Tanjong Pagar area. We then gathered in class and reviewed what we learned in a fun way and had the chance to ask questions for any clarification.
Always practice English for day-to-day activities in a fun and engaging environment ?

Can you guess who’s who?

The picture was drawn by a very talented student from Sekolah Cerdas Muthahhari that we met in Bandung and presented as a gift to BEC’s graduated?

teachers. Can you guess who’s who?

Day two at Bandung

Another amazing day at Bandung teaching English.

Day one at Bandung

It’s an awesome experience for our the teachers. The best thing of all is that we are helping to make a positive difference to the lives of others.

Experience the joy of teaching ESL in Bandung

British Education Centre’s students set off this morning to experience teaching English in Bandung, Indonesia. For two days, BEC’s team will provide English lessons to 13 classes (approximately 200 local students) at Sekolah Cerdas Muthahhari.