Dear Agnes, Congratulations on your success!

You worked hard, you deserve it every bit!

BEC Dynamic ESL Lab

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Working hard to study motivation

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Dynamic ESL Lab field trip

Dynamic ESL Lab

Good Morning Everyone, here are some photos taken from our   on 12th October.

In this field trip to Toa Payoh, ESL students learned the vocabulary of places and shops in a town such as a bank, photo-processing shop, Chinese herbal shop, mobile phone shop, convenience store and so on. Students were practising to ask for information, to try on products in the shop and to order food/drinks. Students were practising to give directions and describe where they were standing by making references to shops or landmarks near them.

For more information about our Dynamic ESL Lab, please refer to…/dynamic-esl-lab/



BBQ Gathering

BEC’s students, staff and family members having a fun and relaxing evening.

You have opened up a new chapter in your life

Salimun Salokun, you have opened up a new chapter in your life. Congratulations!