Teaching : a profession that creates all other professions.

We are bonded by a common mission to enrich lives, fulfil dreams and impact communities.

Teacher Training College

Let teaching take you across borders

At British Education Centre, we are a teacher training college and English language school which prides itself as the TESOL Diploma provider of choice.

​In the 21st century where skills upgrading and personal improvement are key, we provide quality teacher training for individuals seeking to teach English as a second language. We have received dozens of 5-star reviews from our students throughout our years as a service provider – a testament to the dynamic educational experience we provide, complemented by excellent customer service.

Our English language learners enjoy equally dynamic and engaging lessons through interactive classroom experiences, where they move confidently towards their communication goals and aspirations under the guidance of our expert tutors.


This short course provides participants with knowledge and skills in the sounds of English, equipping them with proper knowledge of stress, intonation, and rhythm in pronunciation.


English, a global language, is widely used in many aspects of ones’ lives, including educational needs, employment needs, and personal needs.

Emphasis in this course is placed on developing listening and speaking skills.

​8-week course

Engaging Online Learners

Designed for educators of the K-12 classroom, the Engaging Young Learners for Online Learning course equips educators to enhance their online classroom experience.

In this course, participants reimagine the online learning journey through picking up a wide range of tools for synchronous & asynchronous learning. They will experiment with these tools to create a fun & dynamic online classroom environment for their students.

Join us for a life changing experience!

Consider this: after just eight weeks of TESOL training, you will be qualified to live, travel and work in many amazing countries while earning a living teaching English – for life!

An intensive one-month course is also available.

​As part of your training with us you will gain valuable experience teaching foreign speakers of English as your practicum audience. These include volunteers from China, Vietnam, Russia, Indonesia, Japan, etc. In this way, you gain a more authentic experience as compared to teaching the peers in your class.

Why British Education Centre?

Teacher Training College

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Hundreds of positive testimonials and google reviews

Great trainer to
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I enrolled at the centre for the Diploma in TESOL recently. The classes were engaging and the trainers were approachable. I also learnt useful skills to extend my teaching repertoire in class. The customer service was excellent and they attended to my enquiries promptly. As a result, I was able to finish the course within the stipulated time although I was busy working full time.

Hafiza Paiman, Singaporean
from Google Review
April 4, 2021

Completed my Diploma at BEC a while back and it was nothing short of an amazing experience! The instructors were professional and super engaging, which made learning fun and meaningful. Would like to give a special shout-out to Yu Chin, who was of great help throughout my time there Thank you!

Terri Lee, Singaporean
from Google Review
April 25, 2021
I’ve completed all modules and going for the remaining exams. I have to mention that Alvina, Joan and yu chin has been the best assistance and teacher in my journey to become a teacher myself. Loving this learning experience and would highly recommend all aspiring teachers or English learners to join BEC! to a better 2021!
Ken Tay , Singaporean
from Google Review
April 4, 2021